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Physical Limits Gym - Free VIP Membership and $25 Gift Card
There has never been a better time to look and feel your best! Vitalglow and Physical Limits Gym have come together to help you achieve all your beauty, health, and fitness goals.

Join Physical Limits today and receive a FREE one year Vitalglow VIP membership and a $25 gift card*.
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Rejuvenate Your Neck and Eyes - Free Eye Treatment Package
Turn back time by rejuvenating your neck and eyes. As we age our skin naturally gets lax and thiner and when it does we look older. And for some this lax skin can make one look constantly tired. You can slow down the signs of aging so why not do so.

Purchase the ReLift Neck treatment package and receive a Reaction Eye package at no cost ($900 value). VIP membership not required. Limited time offer.
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Shape Your Figure Package Savings - Free Laser Hair Underarms Package.
Rejuvenate without surgery! Shape and sculpt your body your way. Shrink fat deposits and lax skin on specific body areas like the triceps, buttocks, thighs. Diet and exercise alone cannot target specific body part areas, however, by adding our Reaction Body Sculpting Plan to your regime, you can!

Purchase a six treatment ReFit or Cellulite package and receive a six treatment underarms laser hair removal package at no cost ($300 value)! VIP membership not required. Limited time offer.
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Be Hair - Buy one area and get a second area for $1.
Getting rid of unwanted hair is easy! All it takes is six to eight treatments that follow the hair growth cycle, personalized parameters for maximum effectiveness, a stringent treatment protocol and the best laser available. Find out for yourself why Vitalglow beats the competition hands down in both personalized service and results. Package discounts also available.
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VIP membership not required.
*Second area must of be equal or lessor value. Valid for first session only.

VIP Membership - Save Everyday
Save up to 25% off services and 10% off products everyday! Become a VIP or renew your membership for only $95 per year and get a FREE facial and any single Reaction treatment specially priced at $99. A combined value of over $320!
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We can help you achieve smooth, even and toned or tight skin with a variety of laser skin treatments.
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