Vitalglow Testimonials

Candace Zimmer performs Thermage and laser hair on 104.5's Jimmy and Sue.

From Our Clients

I first heard of VitalGlow on the radio and kept thinking “this lady knows what she is talking about”. As much as your information sessions are way for advertising, I actually heard someone who knew what she was talking about and would be more than happy to help and to avail her services in the most personal way, I heard a caring voice.

I was so afraid of getting this done due to the fear of needles… therefore kept making excuses till I signed up for the free consultation which confirmed to me how professional you and your staff really are!
I am thankful how you and Chantal did everything to accommodate my schedule…again Thank You for that, it did not go unnoticed.

Okay now back to my face… The Botox along with the Juvéderm was administered with no pain at all. Thank you, Dr. Charlebois and Kéren. And oh yes, thanks Candace for holding my hand till I realized…Hey! No pain!….now that is personal service, thanks for caring.

I guess Mom was wrong, she always said you had to suffer to be pretty…lol..speaking of Mom, I headed right over after these injections and Mom kept looking at me studying me without saying anything…I had to ask, because it was actually cute how she kept staring at me. I asked her if she noticed a difference on my face, she said “Yes, you look younger, your skin looks good!”

Mom was amazed and I am surely ecstatic!
….and we’re only starting.

I just wanted to drop you a line to say how I appreciate everyone’s professionalism, good ole fashion kindness and consideration.

Again you have an amazing staff!

Linda St-Jean

“I have suffered from keratosis pilaris for about 7 years. Let me tell you I HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN. I’ve tried home remedies, natural remedies, prescriptions, over the counter, and online products. I’ve researched on my own, seen a naturopath, an MD, aestheticians, and dermatologists. I’ve spent $1000s on products that never worked. I’ve even tried specialty products from my dermatologist and even that didn’t work. When Candace gave me the product info for the Environ Line, I had already given up hope. But she had great things to say about the products, and so I decided to try them. OMG-I used the AVST body oil with the hydrating lotion and for the first time in 7 years, my skin is finally smooth. I can’t tell you what a difference these products have made. If you have a persistent skin problem that has been resistant or unresponsive to other products, you must give it a try. They are totally worth it!”

Tracy Collins


“At this stage in my life, I knew that even the latest and greatest topical skin care cream alone was not going to be able to do what my skin needs at this point – an approach that truly “penetrates” the skin layers.

So, I made the call for a (free) consultation with Candace, the owner of Vitalglow Medical Aesthetics. I received a prompt and timely appointment. When I walked into the Vitalglow Medical Aesthetics facilities, I was struck with the sense that I could easily have been in an upscale clinic in any of the larger surrounding cities. Candace herself was extremely approachable, informative and professional. Her passion for her profession very self-evident.

Based on the results of the treatments Candace recommended specifically for my skin care needs (and the response from my husband, friends and family !! ) I can honestly say that calling Vitalglow has been one of the most worthwhile and effective things I could have done for my skin….


-Christine Cameron


Melasma Treatment 1 Fraxel Restore Dual 1927

“My friend and I were hiking one day and the question came up “if you could change anything about your body what would it be and would you take surgical measures to do it?”  Of course there are things  that I would love to improve on and change but would not risk surgery or my health to get there, however,  if there was a way I could get rid of the blotchiness on my face I might consider it.. As a result of being in the sun playing soccer, and other outdoor activities without any sun block I had very bad sun damage on my face.  -  I rec’d a call from the same friend a week later who introduced me to Candace of VitalGlow who in turn told me I would be a great candidate for the Fraxel Laser treatment. 

I was sceptical and scared.  I have highly sensitive skin and worried what the treatment might do – make it worse, would I have  a bad reaction to the treatment; Candace explained everything to me and made me feel at ease; I did not feel pressured to do anything I didn’t want to do.  I thought about it for a couple of weeks and decided to go ahead with the treatment, after all I had nothing to lose except my blotchy, discoloured skin.

My first treatment was a breeze.  Felt and looked like a bad sun burn; skin sloughed off and within a week my skin was literally glowing.  I noticed a dramatic change.  My skin looked and felt fantastic.  Not only did the treatment lighten my dark spots it also made my skin clearer and younger looking – friends, family, and coworkers commented on how my skin was glowing.  I was very pleased with the results – and the bonus was there was no down time! 

My second treatment was more intense and little more uncomfortable.  My skin felt a little warmer than the first round – but again was back to normal within a week.  The change was not as evident as the first treatment but still the dark spots faded a little more. 

After just two treatments I saw dramatic results and wouldn’t hesitate to do it again.  My skin feels and looks 10 years younger and is clearer than it’s ever been.  There was no down time and the maintenance after the treatments is simple – use 60 Sun block (reapply), and clean and moisturize.  I loved the results so much that I have recommended this same treatment to my sister and would recommend to anyone with the same issues.”


(From left to right: pre-treatment, post treatment, Days 2-7)

Fraxel Restore Dual 1927 pretreatment Fraxel Restore Dual 1927 Immediately After Treatment Fraxel Restore Dual 1927 Day 2 Fraxel Restore Dual 1927 day 3 Fraxel Restore Dual 1927 Day 4 Fraxel Restore Dual 1927 Day 5 Fraxel Restore Dual 1927 Day 6 Fraxel Restore Dual 1927 Day 7