NEW ProWave LX Laser Hair Removal Now Available

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Permanent hair removal and reduction

NEW ProWave LX Laser Hair Removal Now Available

Vitalglow is pleased to now offer you an even better laser hair removal system. Welcome the Cutera ProWave LX™ hair removal system. No more painful waxing, electrolysis or razors! The ProWave LX delivers the absolute latest in laser hair removal technology available today.

  • Offers the power of an alexandrite laser with the ease of intense pulsed light (IPL)
  • Results are predictable because the energy is monitored by photo detectors that are actually located in the hand piece
  • ProWave LX has 10 kiloWatts of peak power, which is twice that of the leading IPLs. Very high power and a short pulse duration ensure effective treatments on fine, light hair.
  • Cold sapphire tissue cooling allows the tip temperature to be set to the preferred value making a treatment much more comfortable
  • contact cooling makes it very comfortable and minimizes any chance of side effects, even in dark skin
  • Safe and effective for a wide range of skin types
  • Can be used on all parts of the body
  • No more painful waxing or shaving
  • No more stubby or ingrown hairs
  • Save thousands over time

ProWave LX is Even Faster With Less Discomfort!


Say goodbye to the squeeze ball and forget the ice! Now you can have your laser hair removal performed during your lunch hour! All this thanks to the ProWave's LX hand-piece that can treat large areas such as women's legs and men's backs - quickly and safely.

80% Hair Reduction in Three Treatments

All laser hair removal methods require multiple treatments to fully remove your unwanted hair. But with our ProWave LX laser, you will see immediate results! You will have 80% permanent hair reduction after only three treatments!

Area Number of Treatments
legs, arms, body
face, pelvic, underarms
6 to 8
any area*
7 to 9
*men produce testosterone and require more treatments than women

Less Treatments and New Technology Equals Savings

There are many laser hair removal treatments available on the market that you can choose from and it certainly can be confusing to know which is the right choice for you. It is especially confusing when there is such a wide range of pricing. This wide range of pricing exists because many clinics purchase older machines that dramatically drive down their cost of treatment. However, be aware that there have been major breakthroughs in laser hair reduction over the past few years that make the older machines practically obsolete. Remember, your goal is to get complete permanent hair reduction. If you are receiving more than ten treatments and still do not have at least 90% hair reduction, then one of two things, or both, is happening. Either the machine is old technology or the technician has not been adequately trained.

The following table compares the average cost of laser hair reduction on the legs in our area. Note that even though the single price per treatment is more at Vitaglow, the overall savings, decreased number of treatments and results are substantial.

Leg Treatment Comparison Competition (avg) Vitalglow VIP
Cost per treatment $100 $136
Number of Treatments 10+ 6
Total Cost $1000+ $816
Hair Reduction Percentage 60-70% 95+%

How ProWave Works

The ProWave hair removal system delivers a specially tailored light source for permanent hair reduction. This hair removal innovation provides treatment for a wide range of skin types.

The primary principle behind laser hair removal is selective photothermolysis (SPTL), the matching of a specific wavelength of light and pulse duration to obtain optimal effect on a targeted tissue with minimal effect on surrounding tissue. Lasers can cause localized damage by selectively heating dark target matter, melanin, in the area that causes hair growth, the follicle, while not heating the rest of the skin.

Can Laser Hair Removal Be Done on Blonde Hair?

It is not possible to use laser hair removal to permanently remove blonde hair or peach fuzz. This is because the laser can only target darker pigmented hair, in fact, the darker the hair, the better the results. There is no laser on the market that is able to permanently remove blonde hair and peach fuzz, however, it can be easily and painlessly removed with the Alexandria Sugar Scrub treatment.

Learn more about the Alexandria Sugar Scrub treatment.

The Hair Growth Cycle and Laser Hair Removal Treatment Times

The hair growth cycle plays a major role in your laser hair removal treatment. The average person can have as many as 2000 hair follicles per square inch but less than 100 of those hairs will be showing at any given time. And if the hairs are not visible, their follicles cannot be treated. This is why it is not possible to achieve permanent hair reduction in just one or two treatments. Your laser hair removal sessions must coincide with the timing of your personal hair growth cycle.

So when is the perfect time? There are three main phases of hair growth: Anagen, Catagen and Telogen phases. The Anagen phase is the perfect time to have a laser hair removal treatment because the hair is grown and is visible above the skin. In the Catagen stage, the hair growth process has reversed itself and a laser treatment will accomplish nothing. And during the Telogen phase, often called the resting phase, the hair follicle is neither developing nor growing and is generally not visible above the skin. Again, any laser treatment during this phase will have achieve no results.

Timing depends on body parts and gender. But a simple rule to know is you should never have less than six weeks between treatments. If your provider is having you come in more often, buyer beware, your skin doesn’t operate that way.

Don't Get Burned

Laser hair removal is the most widely available esthetics treatment available and is also the least medically controlled device. Anyone can purchase a laser hair removal machine and very few technicians receive proper training. This happens most often with used machines as training is not included with the purchase and training is expensive. Despite its simple name, laser hair removal is much more complicated than most think and if you have ever received burns from laser hair removal or simply had no permanent hair reduction, chances are you choose an untrained provider. Results should be significant after the third treatment and if they are not, you should ask questions.

All laser machines have the ability to severely burn the skin or permanently blind someone if not properly used. All laser machine treatments should be performed in a room that prevents any stray laser light from entering a bystandard's eye. Lasers can even bounce off picture frames and travel full force through windows. They must be respected and used properly.

Lack of training is the number one reason why most salons fail to produce results for their clients. Because of the burn risk and lack of training, the settings on the laser can be incorrectly turned to their lowest settings and/or are not properly tailoried to the skin and hair color of the client. In either case, either burns will occur or the client will achieve almost no hair reduction and will have waisted their treatment payment.

Another way of detecting untrained providers is to look at the time it takes to perform the treatment. For example, at Vitalglow we offer virtually pain free laser hair reduction on the full legs that will take approximately two hours. The reason it takes this long is because the hand piece must be properly placed over the legs in a grid like fashion with each segment being properly treated. Failure to properly treat each segment will result in some areas simply being missed with no hair loss. Moving too quickly over the skin reduces treatments times, increases misses and dramatically reduces results.

At Vitalglow, we not only have the best laser, but we also have the best training. We are certified and absolutely confident you will achieve permanent hair reduction with each one of your treatments. We are obsessive about cleanliness and promise that all our machines will have been sterilized before and after each treatment. We know you have choices and we pride ourselves with providing you the best results for your patronage. And of course, we always offer free consultations. So please don't hesitate to get answers to your questions so that you can achieve your goals.

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