Post Pregnancy Body Treatments

Post Pregnancy Body: Woman and baby


Lax or over stretched body skin

Stretch marks

Spider veins or redness

Dark spots (Melasma)

Unwanted hair growth


Lax Body Skin and Stretch Marks

Fat volume fluctuations, whether the cause be dieting and exercise, a surgical or medical aesthetic procedure, or post-pregnancy, often leave people with folds of redundant skin and stretch marks. The problem is even more severe in cases of rapid weight loss, no matter what the method.

The Viora Reaction ReFit can successfully treat loose or sagging body skin which will not only help you to get your figure back, but will also dramatically reduce the appearance of stretch marks.

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Viora Reaction ReFit Post Pregnancy Solutions

Spider Veins, Redness and Broken Capillaries

Has your face changed since giving birth? Do you have broken capillaries around your nose and cheeks? Spider veins on your calves and thighs? With our Cultera Excel Vascular treatment, you can get rid of those unsightly veins that may have arisen during your pregnancy. Areas often affected are the face, neck, chest and lower extremities such as the legs, ankles and feet. We can quickly, safely, and effectively treat these areas and many other types of vessels; from tiny spider veins to deep blue reticular veins. Patients with any colour skin can experience exceptional results from the vascular treatment.

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Dark Spots or Melasma (the Mask of Pregnancy)

Get rid of those dark spots that have developed over the time of your pregnancy with a Fraxel:Restore Dual treatment.

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Unwanted hair growth

Some women experience rapid hair growth on many parts of the body due to hormonal changes as a side affect of pregnancy. It is especially bothersome when this hair growth occurs on the face in the form of blonde peach fuzz. Vitalglow can now help you with not only permanent darker hair reduction, but also help you with those blonde hairs that cannot be removed with a laser.

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Cellulite Reduction

Now you have an option to dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite with the Viora Reaction cellulite treatment. Get a 50% or more reduction in the appearance of your cellulite.

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