Sun Damaged Skin Treatment

Sun Damaged Skin Treatment: Sun block

Are you one of the many people who forget their sunscreen or forget to reapply? Vitalglow provides treatment for sun damaged skin that will help to reduce the damage that the sun does to your skin so you can enjoy your natural healthy glow.

At least 90% of our population has age-associated cosmetic problems, know as photo-aging of the skin, are associated to excessive sun exposure.  These changes are wrinkling of the skin, sagging of the skin, discoloration and the presence of multiple unsightly pigmented spots.  Vitalglow's Fraxel Re:Store can restore your skin no down time.

Vitalglow can bring your skin's healthy glow back.

Fraxel Re:Store Dual

Customized Sun Damaged Skin Treatment

Every client  is unique in their skin type, age and what they desire for results. At Vitalglow, we take the time to get to know you and we help you make the best decision by educating you and answering your questions. Customer satisfaction is not something we just strive for, it is something we are in business for.