ZO Medical and Living Proof

ZO Medical and Living Proof

Under the guidance of Dr. Zein Obagi, ZO Skin Health, Inc. has developed a wide spectrum of therapeutic treatments, as well as daily and preventative solutions for creating and maintaining healthy skin.

Living Proof Neotensil™ Under-Eye Reshaping

Introducing Living Proof Neotensil Daily Under-Eye Reshaping Procedure, a nonsurgical solution that dramatically reduces the appearance of under-eye bags and wrinkles, within 1 hour.
Learn more about Living Proof Neotensil™ Under-Eye Reshaping.

ZO Hydrafirm

This breakthrough multi-function formula is designed to both correct and prevent multiple signs of aging on the delicate skin of the eyes.
Learn more about ZO Hydrafirm.

ZO Liprebuild

Bioengineered to reverse and restore severely dry, cracked and wrinkled lips using a clinically proven moisture recycling technology. Vitamins A and E and breakthrough plant stem cell antioxidants help defend exposed lips from further oxidative damage from sunlight and pollutants.
Learn more about ZO Liprebuild.

ZO Foamacleanse

Foamacleanse is a gentle foaming cleanser designed to remove impurities, deep clean pores and leave the skin feeling refreshed, clean and hydrated. Formulated for all skin types, it contains a potent blend of antioxidants to help protect skin from the harmful effects of daily exposure to the elements.
Learn more about ZO Foamacleanse.

ZO Normacleanse

Cleanser for normal to dry skin. Its advanced surfactant gently removes impurities and oil, and prepares the skin to receive therapeutic treatments. This unique formulation gently cleans and conditions the skin.
Learn more about ZO Noracleanse.

ZO Oilacleanse

Cleanser for normal to oily skin. Dual-action cleanser exfoliates and cleanses skin targeting excess oil. Removes oil and other impurities to clean the skin and clear acne.
Learn more about ZO Oilacleanse.

ZO Balatone

This unique toner optimizes the penetration of therapeutic treatments by removing impurities and balancing the pH of weak skin. It invigorates dry, sensitive and irritated skin with its proprietary technology.
Learn more about ZO Balatone.

ZO Cebatrol

Oil control pads. An invigorating acne medication to treat and prevent outbreaks. Its proven exfoliants effectively remove dead skin cells. These pads also contain an emollient complex to soothe skin and reduce redness.
Learn more about ZO Cebatrol.

ZO Brightenex

Bioengineered to target all three stages of skin discoloration through a patented, bio-vectored, microsphere delivery system. It is formulated to even skin color and tone, and recommended as a first course in treating hyperpigmentation.
Learn more about ZO Brightenex.

ZO Glycogent

An innovative exfoliation accelerator engineered to help reduce inflammation and prevent future damage. Its aggressive protocol enhances mitosis and helps correct skin discoloration.
Learn more about ZO Glycogent.

ZO Retamax

Utilizing an innovative micro emulsion technology, this potent retinol (1.0%), blended with plant stem cell antioxidants and bio-mimetic proteins, helps reverse the signs of aging and aids in the prevention of future damage.
Learn more about ZO Retamax.

ZO Melamin

Skin Bleaching & Correcting Crème, prescription only. A highly effective Rx solution to lighten hyperpigmentation with 4% hydroquinone. Recommended following use of BRIGHTENEX.™ This formulation alters the essential subcellular metabolic processes that cause cytolysis. It inhibits melanin production to even skin color and tone.
Learn more about ZO Melamin.

ZO Melamix

Skin Lightener & Blending Crème, prescription only. A 4% hydroquinone bleaching cream penetrates the skin and effectively delivers the active ingredients of the system to the melanocytes. It alters the essential subcellular metabolic processes that cause cytolysis and inhibit melanin production.
Learn more about ZO Melamix.